The Buddha in the Machine: Art, Technology, and the Meeting of East and West  (Yale University Press, 2014).
* Winner of the Heyman Prize for Outstanding Publication (Yale University)
* Winner of the Harry Levin Prize for the Best First Book Published in the Field of Comparative Literature (American Comparative Literature Association)

Published Articles:

–“World Futures.” Critical Inquiry (Spring 2016).

–Forthcoming: “The Ghost and the Machine: Plates and Paratext in the Book of Mormon,” Americanist Approaches to the Book of Mormon, ed. by Elizabeth Fenton and Jared Hickman (Oxford University Press, 2016).

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–“The Technê-Whim: Lin Yutang and the Invention of the Chinese Typewriter.” American Literature 82.2 (2010): 389-419. *** Winner of the 2010 Norman Foerster Prize for the best essay published in American Literature; read the ALS report here, pp. 9-11.

–“Global English Ideography and the Dissolve Translation in Hollywood Film.” Cultural Critique 72 Spring (2009): 89-136.  Additional clips and images found here.

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–“Naked Creatures: Robinson Crusoe, The Beast, and The Sovereign.Comparative Critical Studies 2.3 (2005): 337-348. (If you can read French, you might be interested to see Jacques Derrida’s responses to this essay when it was still just a seminar paper, here).

–“A Marvelous Work and a Possession: Book of Mormon Historicity in an Era of Postcolónialism.” Dialogue 38.4 (2005): 37-55.

Smaller Publications and Reviews:

“Novel Values: Review of The Value of the Novel by Peter Boxall,” NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 50.2 (2017): 279-282.

“This Will Kill That: Silicon Valley’s Mission of Media Transcendence,” Paprika: Weekly Broadsheet of the Yale School of Architecture, XXI, 4.13.2017.

Review of Nothing: Three Inquiries in Buddhism, in Critical Inquiry (Autumn 2016).

Review Essay on The Watchman in Pieces: Surveillance, Literature, and Liberal Personhood (Yale UP, 2014), Neocybernetics and Narrative (Minnesota, 2014), and Shockwaves of Possibility: Essays on Science Fiction, Globalization, and Utopia (Peter Lang, 2014), in American Literature (2015).

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