Greetings!  I am an Associate Professor of English at Yale University.  I can be contacted by email: robert.j.williams@yale.edu, or at the English Dept. website here.

My academic work so far has focused on international histories of technological/media innovation and the perceived difference of racial and cultural otherness.  My recently published book, The Buddha in the Machine: Art, Technology, and The Meeting of East and West (Yale University Press, 2014), examines the role of technological discourse in representations of Asian/American aesthetics in late-nineteenth and twentieth century film and literature.  The book won the 2015 Harry Levin Prize from the American Comparative Literature Association.  I also just published a new essay in Critical Inquiry titled “World Futures” (see video and other links about this article here) which forms part 1 of a manuscript I am working on titled The Oracles of World Time.

I am also a member of the band Faded Paper Figures.  You can hear our most recent album, “Relics” here.